Gemstone Jewellery

This section features both real and laboratory created gemstone jewellery and also our handcrafted jewellery. Natural gemstones are made of rock or crystals etc, cut and polished to produce beautiful but expensive natural gemstones. Laboratory created gemstones have the same properties as natural stones, are nearly perfect in appearance and without the tiny flaws and inclusions that identify the genuine article that has taken millions of years to develop in the depths of the earth. Gemstones that are created in a laboratory are chemically identical to the real thing, but produced artificially and in a much shorter time frame, which is reflected in the cost. Cubic zirconias are laboratory created stones which are used as both gemstones and simulated diamonds. Cut glass crystal imitates gemstones, but is less hardwearing than natural or lab created gemstones, which makes them less suitable for rings, but good quality ones make attractive pendants and earrings. We identify in our listings whether stones are genuine natural stones, lab created or glass crystal.